About Us
Since 1926, Haffner produces machines for manufacturing PVC, aluminium and wood windows by combining tradition and innovation.All Haffner products are designed for handicraft and industrial use which means reliability, time saving technique and high precision.The customer oriented approach of the company makes Haffner more than a product and service supplier; a very experienced partner
which provides solutions to problems and projects you to develop your business further, no matter you are a starting out or a super fabricator.Haffner switched its production from Germany to Turkey in 2012 and combined its strength with Murat Machinery, which is a global player in the industry selling and providing service to more than 90 countries worldwide, manufactures machinery in 25.000 m2 factory with over 370 trained employees. This merger of Haffner and Murat has helped to reduce labour and manufacturing costs without compromising on quality. Through pioneering technology, coupled with a complete understanding of the fabrication market, customers can view first hand the quality of engineering that goes into every machine. Furthermore all machinery parts are manufactured in-house, which ensures the machines are made to the highest possible specification, and not reliant on outside sources.A dedicated team of 12 engineers give free online support and are available out of office hours should the need arise. With a policy ofconstant innovation, outstanding quality and a flexible service approach, Haffner can provide effective machinery solutions, time after time.